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Metaphysical Myths of Gems

A good luck charm for sailors; a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth. The wearer has the power to conquer all wickedness.
This gem protects the wearer from the effects of wine!!
Neutralises all poisons; protects the wearer from insanity and nightmares.
Sacred stone of the Goddess Venus and of the Earth Goddess. Believed to have life, they aid in growth and increase agricultural production. Viewing an emerald soothes and refreshes the eyes. Worn to relieve the pain of childbirth.
Supposed to protect against skin diseases, wounds and diseases of the blood. Protects against evil and terrifying dreams. Protects the wearer from perils on a trip.
Reduces melancholy and relieves fever. Very popular with ancient Egyptians.
Opals possess the virtues of all other stones whose colours they contain. Named “Cupid Stone” by the Romans, it is a symbol of hope and purity. Protects from disease and is supposed to give the wearer the power of prophecy.
The stone of Venus, it symbolises purity and virtue.
Gem of the Sun supposed to dissolve enchantments.
A symbol of royalty, it may give the wearer the power of life and death! Gives health, wealth, wisdom and success in love. Worn on the left hand or left breast, it was supposed to allow one to live in peace with an enemy.
Gives the wearer strengthened vision, including visions of the future. Touched against the eye, it was believed to restore sight. (If only it was that easy)
Worn as an amulet it was supposed to drive away sadness, adds intelligence and gives courage. Mounted in gold and worn around the neck it dispels enchantments. Symbolises friendship and true love and was believed to be more powerful at the full moon.
This was supposed to protect you against reptile bites, poisons and eye diseases. Its power increased when given as a gift. Brings spoils to warriors and protects against falls. Thrown into a river it will bring rain.
Drives away evil spirits and nightmares. Removes grief and melancholy, restores appetite and cures insomnia. Wards of lightning strikes.