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Jewellery remodeling and Money Saving Tips

Jewellery Remodeling London

Goldfinger's Experienced Jewellers can sit down with you and re-design (or remodel) any old rings or inherited jewellery that you may have, be it a family heirloom or something you dont want to see go to waste. We have the ability to turn it into something you will want to wear again and again.


Money Saving Tips on Wedding Rings, only from Goldfinger Rings

  • Order your wedding rings in silver now, upgrade later to White Gold, Palladium or Platinum when you are not paying for a whole wedding  – you will get a 50% refund on your silver ring if you spend over £400.00 on your new ring.


  • Have half the diamonds in your ring now and add the other half later.


  • Have a plain or patterned ring now and add all the diamonds later.


  • Have cubic zirconiums in your ring for the wedding and have them upgraded to diamonds at a later date.