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How to choose your wedding ring

Choosing Your Wedding Ring


Choosing your wedding ring is a very difficult thing to advise you on as each and every one of our customers is an individual with different preferences, opinions and requirements. We would never want to tell you this looks nice, this is the best for you or you should have this.


What Goldfinger does offer you is the choice of anything no matter how unusual, random, un-symmetrical or even the classic plain wedding ring. We are only a phone call or e-mail away and are willing to give you the benefit of our knowledge.


We can advise you on the different metals available for your wedding rings with their benefits and pitfalls, the different type of settings and there suitability for the gems of your choice, along with advice on the gems themselves, with this information you will be able to make your own informed decision.


To book a free home visit, please call us on 020 7405 7509 or e-mail, we will bring our large selection of rings to your home, plain wedding rings, patterned, diamond set and shaped. We would love to help!

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