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Interesting Facts on Wedding Traditions

  • The first wedding rings were in the Egyptian times and were made of braided grass, hay, leather, and ivory.
  • Before the time of King Edward VI (1549) ladies wore their wedding ring on their thumb.
  • Before Queen Mary Tudor (16th century) wedding rings were set with precious gems, it is once again very popular.
  • The fashion for men to wear a ring as well became popular with Queen Victoria when she gave a ring to Prince Albert. It is still popular today.
  • The ring finger is because the Greeks believed that the third finger was connected to the heart by the vein of love.
  • Marriages started when whole tribes married each other for protection.
  • Many tribes had laws forbidding intermarriage so men would kidnap a women from another tribe with the help of their groomsmen. The honeymoon was when the kidnapped women would be hidden until she was pregnant and then a deal would be done to keep her.
  • The kiss is from the Roman times as they used it as a legal bond to seal contracts.
  • Your wedding ring is a symbol of your love for each other.
  • Nearly every widely used wedding custom is from an old tradition or superstition.
  • The term bride is old English for cook!